About Me


Hi, I’m Sheldon.

I help develop and market products that humans find useful, intuitive and valuable enough to share their experience.

Product Development & Marketing

I believe it was Hans Hofmann who once said, ” The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak”. I’m convinced his words extend to the world of product as they do to the world of art. For me, a good product retains a sense of simplicity, is intuitive and aesthetically appealing, while also delivering an unmatched experience to the user.

When it comes to finding affinity, the importance of purchase psychology, buyer-journeys, customer experience and the impact of brand strategy should never be under-estimated. I’ve been a student of these subjects for some time now and I continue to update myself with related content.

Career Snapshot

Since 2015, I’ve been working with ex-industry partners in Turkey and China to build mutually beneficial relationships between manufacturing facilities and private label brands in the Middle East.  In 2018,  I began freelancing for an ambitious start-up hydroponics project where I’m working on growth strategies including wire-framing a more customer-centric website and mobile app for the business.


Head – Brand & Strategy

Developed and managed digital and traditional growth strategies for a diverse set of client businesses.



Dir. Product Commercialization

Led product commercialization for a $50Mil product portfolio under Costco’s local, global and e-commerce footprints with a target of $250Mil over 5 years.


Product Manager

Led multiple product divisions focused on developing consumer-centric products that achieved sales and profitability objectives in the GCC region.


Product Manager

Led multi-channel product portfolios for two private brands focused on consumer electronics in the UAE & Saudi Arabia. Accountable for profitability and sales objectives.


Product & Brand Manager

Led product development and marketing activities for global consumer brands in the CIS and African countries through retail and wholesale channels.


Media Planner

Managed television, radio and outdoor media plans and spends for leading FMCG clients in India.