About Me

Hi! I’m Sheldon De Sousa. My passion lies in developing products that stem from data, packaged carefully in creativity. I believe that good products are simple, intuitive and non-frustrating.

At the same time, I’m intrigued by consumer purchase psychology, buying journeys and the impact of brand strategy on them. I’ve been a student of these subjects for some time now and I continue to update myself with content related to these topics.

As a person, I am calm, mission-oriented, driven by a challenge, curious, place high-value on time and have zero-tolerance for politics or games. I come across as reserved at first but that wears off over our next meeting.

I’m in the habit of scribbling my thoughts in a language colleagues have yet to decipher (so I’ve been told) and pace excessively when working things out in my head. Don’t worry, it usually ends well.

If you still want to know more:  The Journey So Far

What I bring To The Table

– Over a decade of professional experience packaged with continuous learning.

– A passion to build and market the best products.

– The knowledge to marry business objectives with customer satisfaction.

– The ability to run solo, work with or lead a team of people with the belief that there’s always room to improve.

Just So You Know

This site does not cover my work in detail nor is it an attempt at a portfolio. So, if you’d like to know more, I would love to take you through my journey in person.



Head – Brand & Strategy

Developed and managed digital and traditional growth strategies for a diverse set of client businesses.



Dir. Product Commercialization

Led product commercialization for brands exclusive to Costco’s local, global and e-commerce footprints.


Product Manager

Led multiple product divisions focused on developing consumer-centric products that achieved sales and profitability objectives.


Product Manager

Led multi-channel product portfolios for two private brands focused on consumer electronics in the UAE & Saudi Arabia. Accountable for profitability and sales objectives.


Product & Brand Manager

Led product development and marketing activities for global consumer brands.


Media Account Executive

Managed business development and retention of clients print and online media space.


Media Planner

Managed television, radio and outdoor media plans and spends for leading FMCG clients in India.