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Google’s New Logos Surprise Me

What’s Up With Google?

Google’s new logos are odd, even for a company that prides itself on being unconventional. I woke up this morning questioning the Merlot I consumed the previous evening. My phone seemed to be celebrating an occasion I had obviously forgotten.

It took me a few seconds to realize that Google had embarked on yet another ‘branding’ journey culminating in a rainbow-like suite of logos.… Continue reading →

How To Build A Sustainable App

It’s An App World After All

Before we delve into what it takes to build a sustainable app, it is pertinent to understand what the current state of the app industry, the usage patterns that prevail and what data tells us.

With over 3.2 billion smartphone users and 1.3 billion tablet users across the globe, it should come as no surprise that the app industry remains lucrative and is growing at a frantic pace.… Continue reading →

How Bad UX Ruins A Good App

It’s Not The Food That’s Bad

It’s elementary see why bad UX ruins a good app idea. A frustrated user will be hard pressed to give a product a positive review if it fell short of expectations. Back in February, 2020, when life seemed normal and Covid-19 hadn’t sunk its teeth into the world deep enough, I found myself scouting the streets of Paris for a hidden gem.… Continue reading →

Why Amazon’s 1-Click Offers Better Customer Experience.

Why Wait?

Did Amazon’s ‘1-Click’ create a revolution? When Amazon came into business over 20 years ago , no one could have predicted that we were dealing with a $900B+ company in the making. At the time, e-commerce was still in its formative years and buzzwords like ‘customer experience’ (CX) hadn’t buzzed yet. But, Jeff Bezos obviously saw possibilities that most others didn’t.… Continue reading →

Let’s Talk Customer Experience (CX).

We’re Not Feeling It

As market competition grew, it wasn’t enough to just build a good product any more. Businesses needed to deliver an unparalleled customer experience to boot. To do that, they needed data. Accessibility to information and advances in technology meant that those who knew more could acquire and retain customers better. 

So companies improvised where necessary. They developed tools and used technology to open conversations with their audience, paid attention to customer lifetime value, consumer feedback, web analytics, omni-channel activities and so on. … Continue reading →

How To Write Good User Stories

Step Into My Shoes

User stories are short descriptions, usually a sentence or two, about a task one aims to accomplish. They are narrated from the perspective of the person performing that particular task. A user story provides a good understanding for ‘how’ and ‘why’ a feature is important to him/her. A typical template reads:

As a <user type >, I want to < aim > so that < reason >

Before going deeper into what makes a story more meaningful, let’s discuss a few characteristics relevant to them.… Continue reading →

Developing Products For Creatures Of Habit.

It’s Hard To Let Go

As humans, we are creatures of habit. Our experiences form mental models that rest within the recesses of our mind and are triggered when we interact with similar circumstances. With time and frequency, we develop benchmarks and comfort zones that become difficult to escape.

On the other side of the fence, product managers are driven to develop their product into the best version it can be.… Continue reading →

9 Tips For Building Better Products

What Does It Take?

There exists a wide gulf between building ordinary products and building products that have a profound impact on the market. Unfortunately, many start-up’s, entrepreneurs and businesses believe that large marketing budgets translate into successful market acceptance. That line of thinking is usually flawed and ends with disappointment or worse, failure.

Great products are built by people with a high degree of empathy, a firm belief in research, an appreciation for good design, an eye for detail and a passion to deliver exceptional value to the market.… Continue reading →

User Experience – What Many Airlines Overlook

Excuse me, Stewardess ?

Does touch screen user experience matter on an airplane? Even though a typical user’s experience begins well before he/she steps foot on an aircraft, much of their travel assessment comes from time spent in their seat.

Historically, air travel was literally the most boring commute ever, highly restrictive in terms of movement and limited in entertainment options.… Continue reading →

How The Product Adoption Cycle Drives Strategy.

They Come In Waves

The product adoption cycle is simply the sequence of customer types that purchase your product from the time you launch to the time you phase out. This is because customers behave differently in response to product adoption decisions.

Some customers appear ready and willing to try anything new. Others prefer to play the wait and watch game before jumping in.… Continue reading →