My Process

Products are only as successful as the affinity they find with users. Having led product development and marketing, I’ve learned to appreciate the value of processes.

Below are a couple that I follow to help me build and market some pretty awesome stuff.

Context Mapping


Development Process



Discovery is the stage where I take a deep dive into the details surrounding the problem. It is where I seek truth in why, how, what, when and where. I step into the shoes of the user and solicit input from all stakeholders to develop a holistic view of the situation.

Stakeholder Interviews | User Studies | Competitor Audits | Quantitative Studies | Qualitative Studies | Site / App / Product / Service Audits


Here, we put together the pieces of what we’ve learned.  We develop a firm understanding of the problem at hand, conduct root-cause analysis and build storylines that guide our direction of work.

Storyboards | Personas | Task Flows | Customer Experience | Buyer Journey Maps

Hypothesize & Test

At this stage we begin to form hypotheses, address gaps and solve pain-points. I bring all stakeholders into the mix so that they have a firm understanding of our findings and our intention to build or modify a product.

Our theories will be put to the test to fine-tune our work so that we ultimately deliver a product that is effective, efficient and experientially sound.

Sketches | Wireframes | Mockups | Interactive Prototypes | Usability Testing


At this stage, we may deploy our vetted product to a subset of the target audience or run a mainstream operation. We remain vigilant of how the product is received and transfer new learnings back into the process to make further improvements if necessary.

A/B testing | Soft Launch


The process means nothing unless our work is measured against set goals and objectives. The entire process is fluid and continuous in nature. Learning remains the hallmark of the process. New quantitative and qualitative data will be evaluated and used to energize the next cycle.

Analytics | Performance Metrics | Social Mentions | Communities | Reviews | Competitor Response