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The Concept Of Positioning

Positioning is the marketing strategy of occupying a distinct piece of real estate in the mind of the customer...

2 min read

Types Of Taglines and How To Create Them

A tagline is a phrase that seeks to capture a brand's position, promise, commitment or personality.  They are the...

1 min read

Branding On A Budget

Branding on a budget can be difficult for a small business or solo entrepreneur, especially when starting out. The...

3 min read

Building A Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

A minimal viable product (MVP) is a lean representation of your final product. It is the most simplified version...

2 min read

Building A Product Vision

Product visions are mini-vision statements that product managers use to articulate product purpose, and with it, product strategy.

1 min read

Customer Research – The Impact Of Digital

In an age where the boundaries of possibility are regularly tested, only those who weave their way into the...

2 min read