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Measuring Brand Awareness.


A brand awareness study is a powerful tool that measures how familiar the target audience is with your brand relative to competition. When we measure brand awareness, we’re attempting to gauge how strong the relevance of our product is to a particular category. We can also use these research studies to evaluate how well marketing efforts, particularly advertising, have performed.… Continue reading →

Top 5 Branding Blunders Of 2018.


In a previous article I wrote, “Common Branding Mistakes“, I highlighted some pretty eliminatory mistakes that companies make with their branding. However some mistakes turn out to be blunders. Going through some of them, I thought it would be worth discussing, at least in my opinion, the top 5 branding blunders of 2018.

What surprises me about these blunders, is not the fact that they came from globally renowned brands, but that the creatives were conceptualized and approved without anyone noticing very obvious land mines.… Continue reading →

The Necessity Of Ethical Branding.


In a world more accustomed to seeing brands positioned as symbols of self-expression or statements of accomplishment, ethical branding hasn’t been one of the most prominent tools used by marketers. Often associated with corporate social responsibility or philanthropy, ethical branding has the potential to be so much more.

Being ‘ethical’ relates to your ‘moral compass’. It describes certain actions as being either morally right or wrong with regard to established codes of conduct set by society.… Continue reading →

Brand Portfolio Architecture – How They Get Created

What Is Brand Portfolio Architecture?

Brand portfolio architecture depicts how member brands co-exist, each playing a defined role, having its own goals and operating within a prescribed scope. Brand portfolio architecture creates clarity and offers strategic decision-making with regard to how brands are managed, individually and collectively.

Without a formal framework for how those brands place in the portfolio, confusion would prevail.… Continue reading →

Common Branding Mistakes.


You’d think that all companies treat branding as an important component in business operations. You’d also think that due diligence is practiced religiously before committing to branding programs. Well, think again! You’d be surprised at how many businesses end up making some pretty common branding mistakes.

The size of your business does not exempt you from pitfalls. Global business houses are just as vulnerable as smaller local ones.… Continue reading →

Thinking About Building A Brand?


If you’re thinking about building a brand, particularly from scratch, you best be prepared to roll up your sleeves. The journey can be very tedious, time intensive and expensive. It can also be a very exciting one.

Remember, every decision you make is significant and effects the development process and final outcome of the brand. Before getting started, ask yourself a few pertinent questions.… Continue reading →

How To Organize Your Brand Portfolio?

The Need For Clarity

A brand portfolio is simply a collection of brands that co-exist under a single umbrella. Portfolio structures offer clarity on how those brands are organized and operate to cover various product and markets, usually without overlap. The brands within the portfolio draw from and reinforce the overarching strategy of the parent company.

The need for an established portfolio structure is critical as it helps avoid confusion, both internal and external.… Continue reading →

Apple iPod – How A Tech Giant Rose.


CASE: The Apple iPod shook the tech world. Industry pundits looked at it skeptically, not because of its functionality, but because it was a portable music player launched by a company that had no business in music entertainment. How did Apple pull it off?

The Apple iPod cometh

In October 2001, a middle-aged man came up on stage, pulled out what seemed like a shinny cigarette holder and introduced it with a clincher, “an entire music library in your pocket”.… Continue reading →

The Concept Of Positioning


Positioning is the strategy of occupying a distinct piece of real estate in the mind of the customer relative to the competition. It’s possible to position a product, service, institution, city, country, even an individual. For the simplicity of this article, we’ll concentrate on products and the possible strategies behind positioning them.

People make choices everyday as a consequence of rational thinking and emotional influence.… Continue reading →

Branding On A Budget


Branding on a budget can be difficult for a small business or solo entrepreneur, especially when starting out. Unfortunately, no matter how big or small your brand/company is or whether it competes in the B2B or B2C arena, it resides within a competitive ecosystem. Therefore it needs to draw attention to itself.

The good news is that there are still several ways in which you can build brand awareness without breaking the bank.… Continue reading →