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What Is A Brand?


To define the term ‘brand’ would leave even the most astute of brand strategists a bit tongue-tied. Most definitions in books and circulating on the internet, hover around a promise, a perception or a feeling. Some seem elementary while others border on inconceivably complicated.

To fully appreciate what a brand has come to be, it is worth taking the time to understand where it all began.… Continue reading →

Color Psychology In Branding.


Color psychology in branding is a fascinating subject to explore. If you were given the choice to pick a color for your new car or to repaint your home, what color would that be? In all probability, a select color would spring to mind as if it were the obvious choice. But, why that particular color? Did you know that you could be pre-wired or groomed to resonate with that color?… Continue reading →

Taglines And How To Create Them.


Before we go about how to create taglines, let’s understand what makes a good one first. A tagline is a short phrase that seeks to capture a brand’s position, promise, or personality.  Simply put, they are the shorthand for what a brand stands for and what you can expect from it.

Taglines are just as memorable as brand names if formed wisely and reinforced consistently.… Continue reading →

Types Of Logo Designs.


Marks, Brandmarks & Logomarks

A logo is a graphic design element that is adopted by an entity to either represent itself, its products or its services. Logos range from literal to symbolic, pictorial to abstract, word forms to letter forms. Logos become messengers of quality, confidence, class, exclusivity, a big idea etc. In other words, they convey ‘meaning’. Logos are largely categorized as:


These are free-standing words or acronyms.… Continue reading →