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Marketing During A Pandemic

The Impact Of Covid-19

Marketing during a pandemic is tough, particularly for small businesses. Public fear, social distancing, economic distress and a host of other factors have affected commerce across the globe. 

While businesses engaging in essential goods and services may get by, it’s those in non-essential segments that face the brunt of the crisis. Most do not have contingency plans for marketing during this period, simply because, they are rare.… Continue reading →

Why Marketing Messages Fail

Don’t Blame The Messenger

So, you burned the midnight oil, went through countless iterations of your work, consulted David Aaker’s book on “Signature Stories (Amazon link)” and have unprecedented confidence in your marketing message. Yet, the best crafted messages still fail to hit their mark.

The trouble with marketing messages is that you (the author) can never fully guarantee that the audience (the recipients) will find affinity, no matter how credible or well-constructed the message may be.… Continue reading →

When Omnichannel Breaks Down

Build For Consistency

Omnichannel anticipates that customers may interact with one or several channels before completing their purchase as they progress in their buying journey. The customer’s transition in between channels must be fluid.”

The buzzword, ‘Omnichannel’ broke onto the scene when businesses realized that customers explored several interaction nodes before completing a transaction.  For instance, customers interacted with the business through social media, toyed with the product in-store, made a purchase online and finally have it delivered.… Continue reading →

Is SaaS Marketing Any Different From Traditional Marketing?

It’s Different But Same

This may go down as a rant, but, having conducted research, I am more frustrated now with the SaaS marketing situation than before.

Lately, I’ve been questioning the line of thought employed by many hiring managers and recruiters when it comes to software product marketing. Having had a few lengthy and non-conclusive discussions with recruiters over the subject, I’m inclined to think that no one has really studied this discipline in totality.… Continue reading →

Common Branding Mistakes.


You’d think that all companies treat branding as an important component in business operations. You’d also think that due diligence is practiced religiously before committing to branding programs. Well, think again! You’d be surprised at how many businesses end up making some pretty common branding mistakes.

The size of your business does not exempt you from pitfalls. Global business houses are just as vulnerable as smaller local ones.… Continue reading →