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Let’s Talk Customer Experience (CX)

Customer experience (CX) is the mental, emotional or physical state of a customer as a result of some interaction with a business or brand.

How To Improve UX On In-flight Infotainment Systems

Today, it is an expectation to have an interactive touch screen at the back of every seat, irrespective of cabin class. You would think that with so many airlines sporting similar devices that there would be some evidence of standardization. You’d be wrong.

Why Amazon’s ‘1-Click’ Delivers Better Customer Experience

Introduction When Amazon came into business over 20 years ago , no one could have predicted that we were dealing with a $900B+ company in the making. At the time, e-commerce was still in its formative years, but, Jeff Bezos obviously saw possibilities that most others didn’t. From a humble little online bookstore, expanded […]